The pendulum swings -  bad weeks and good weeks.  The thing that never changes is how fast time passes..  There are days you think will never end and you think you can's survive.  The are days that are so blessed and happy, you wish you could freeze them in time and hold onto those feelings forever.  Some days are filled with laughter and smiles that your heart feels like it's going to burst.  When everything feels right with the world.  We need more of those moments, less stress and strife of everyday life.  Time is flying past us and life is fleeting.  We need to create those moments of pure joy and share them with those among us.  Life need to be lightened up.  Lived with the spirit of a child.  Dance, laugh, sing, jump up and down.  Stop worrying about what everyone thinks and what is proper. LIVE and do it at full speed ahead!!!

Buy yourself a Christmas gift! Look cute...feel happy!!